Odessa Wrangler Jahnathan Maxwell returns to the court after injury

Odessa Wrangler Jahnathan Maxwell returns to the court after injury

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa College Men's basketball team consists of players from outside the U.S. and from coast to coast in the nation. Each player from this 12-man roster has goals throughout the season, but together, their objective is to improve their skills on the court and win as a team. Sophomore and Virginia native, Jahnathan Maxwell, transferred to OC from Southwest Tennessee looking for an opportunity to start over and get back to his highest level of playing. In October, things got harder when Jahnathan faced an injury.

"I got the ball turned, faced up, tried to rip through and planted my foot. No body's foot was there, it kind of just popped. Came from me being flat footed. It's a real common injury with people who have flat feet. It comes from just over playing. It was something that couldn't have been prevented. It could've happened that day or two weeks or years. It was supposed to happen if it happened," said Maxwell.

Although Jahnathan's injury had him out for two months, this minor setback did not stop him from staying focused on the rest of the season.

"Pretty much living and dying in the gym. When your knees hurt, keep shooting. When I'm tired and my feet are sore, I run a little more to put that muscle back into it and power behind it. And just really living and dying basketball," said Maxwell.

While sitting on the bench each game, the 21-year-old was supportive of his teammates by being loud and having fun.

"I feel like I can motivate them in a way a coach can't because it's a personal level. With teammates it's different when it's coach to player, but when it's teammate to teammate, it gives your team a whole new aspect and fire behind it," said Maxwell.

After a long two months, Jahnathan finally returned to the court January 8.

"One of the best happiest moments I've had in a long time. To be able to play was a whole life changing experience really. Got a whole new love for it," said Maxwell.

With four conference wins so far in January, Jahnathan and the Wranglers have one common goal.

"We all want to win. Ultimately, we want to win the game, win the season, win the conference, tournament, everything. We want to come home with the big trophy," said Maxwell.

Jahnathan's ultimate goal is to play professional basketball either in the U.S. or internationally, but for now, he's focused on being an Odessa Wrangler and playing at his highest level possible.

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