H-Tea-O opens in Midland

H-Tea-O opens in Midland
(Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you are a tea lover, there is a new tea place that offers more than just sweet and unsweet tea.

It's called H-Tea-O.

They had their grand opening on Friday on Andrews Highway.

They currently have 4 stores, one of them in Amarillo.

The Midland store comes with two self-serve tea bars that serve 22 flavors of iced tea.

They also have a tea brewing station, which will put the tea brewing process front and center.

T-Bev-Co President, Justin Howe, explained why he thinks tea will be a big hit in the area.

"We're successful in Amarillo because of the colder climate. We knew we would be successful here and all over the south. We're trying to focus and I'm a pilot by trade and I've been flying down here since 2000 and love the area," said Howe.

If you're interested in working for the tea franchise, you can apply in the Spring of 2018.

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