Longtime University Boulevard improvement project set to begin

Longtime University Boulevard improvement project set to begin

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The orange barrels are, well, they're already here. The City of Odessa is currently working to expand a part of one of the busiest streets they have.

"University is a major east, west corridor through town," said Hal Feldman Traffic Coordinator with the City of Odessa.

Construction will bring in a new center turn lane that stretches between Grandview Avenue and Andrews Highway.

"Most of that corridor is just two lanes each direction. When someone wants to make a left-hand turn, they stop in that thru-lane waiting for a gap in traffic to make that left turn but it backs up everyone behind them," said Feldman.

That's where you the resident and your input come in. Monday, January 22 is one of the final public meetings left about the construction. Construction that is set to begin by the end of the month or early-February.

It's about two miles of roads, multiple business both old and new are in the area. An area, where the city has had to cut deals with property owners on.

"We have bought out houses, west of Dawn Avenue on the north side, there's about five empty lots now. Those are a part of the purchases that the city has made. There's been about 64 property owners where we haven't needed the entire piece of property," said Feldman.

$15.5 million has been budgeted for the project. A project almost three years in the making with the hopes of making driving in the area more pleasant.

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