Furr's Fresh Buffet in Midland now closed

Furr's Fresh Buffet in Midland now closed
Farr's Fresh Buffet in Midland. (Source:KWES.)

Furr's Fresh Buffet workers, got the call most people dread, and that was they were out of a job.

"Ms. Sherry called me and said, 'Mindy, are you ready for this?' and I said, 'No.' Then she said, 'they shut us down,'" said Mindy Schagel, laid off worker.

Some were not lucky enough to get a call and showed up to find the doors closed and a moving team taking out furniture.

Charlie Richards was just hired a week ago, along with four other people, who also lost their job.

"I just had one uniform on and I just took my other uniform off. I have this on because I think I am about to go to work," said Richards.

Richards says that he estimates that about 25 to 30 people lost their job on Thursday.

The billboard outside the restaurant is still showing, "Now hiring all positions."

Management did not officially give any employees any notice, but some say, they knew it was coming.

"Rumors flying around that they were going to shut down. I suspected they were, but I didn't think it would be so soon. I mean I was just at work yesterday," said Betas Smith, laid-off employee.

"I seen a U-Haul, but I just thought they were moving some stuff or something like that," said Richards.

According to state law, Texas is an at-will state. That means employers can fire employees at any time.

We contacted the Furr's Corporate Office and they have not returned our calls.

A worker at the Furr's in Odessa did tell us, they are still open.

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