Officer Jake Churchwell given keys to new home

Officer Jake Churchwell given keys to new home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On a cold day in Midland, it was the Texas spirit that made for a warm welcome for a veteran and his family.

Jake Churchwell, a former Marine and Midland police officer received a crowd's applause as he arrived to his new home in the Day Break neighborhood.
A small ceremony then recognized the community partners who made this project a reality. Operation Finally Home, Permian Homes and H-E-B were among that group. Representatives from each organization reflected on why Jake Churchwell was a perfect recipient for the donation.

The veteran also said a few words about how much this donation meant for him and his family.

Afterward, it was the big moment everyone was waiting for, the ceremonial ribbon cutting, with Jake's wife, Shannon, doing the honors.

The Churchwell's then got their first look inside their new home.

An experience that filled Mr. Churchwell with emotion, "Overwhelming, I was holding back tears of joy."

As they went from room to room, the family found house warming gifts and pleasant surprises, "The shower, I've never been in a shower that nice, that's one of the biggest things."

In 2016, Officer Churchwell was paralyzed from the waist down during a car accident. It happened while he was pursuing a reckless driver. Despite the tragedy, Churchwell said the support he's gotten from the community has kept him from ever feeling sorry for himself.

"I haven't met one person that hasn't wanted to reach out a helping hand. So it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when literally everyone is wanting to help you," said Churchwell

After the tour, the veteran spoke confidently about his plans for the future.

"This is gonna be my forever home and I've never had a brand new house, I'm gonna be here til the end of my days," said Churchwell.

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