Bonds for teens accused in Midland Co. home invasion set at $100,000

Bonds for teens accused in Midland Co. home invasion set at $100,000
(Source: Midland County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Midland County Sheriff's Office)

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The Midland County Sheriff's Office has arrested two teens following a home invasion on Sunday night.

The incident took place on West County Road 130.

The suspects are being identified as Jesus Refugio Avila Jr., 18, and Alfredo Zuniga Menjivar, 18.

The victim, 19, said he was asleep in his bed when two people with hoodies and masks hit him in the face with a handgun. They then took him to the kitchen, where they hit him in the head with a baseball bat until he was unconscious.

When he woke up, he walked to his parent's home next door where they took him to the hospital.

Sheriffs say all the teens took was a TV and an Xbox.

Officers say Avila has multiple warrants and was involved in a robbery where a person was killed. We're told Avila confessed to officers for his role in the home invasion.

Investigators were also able to find Alfredo Menjivar. MCSO says when they went to serve his warrant, they noticed the 18-year-old toss a handgun out from a window. Midland Police traced that handgun as stolen.

The victim in the home invasion was taken to the hospital. Sheriff Gary Painter says that individual will require surgery.

Painter says the suspects and the victims did not know each other.

Both Avila and Menjivar sit in a Midland County jail. Their bonds have been set at $100,000 each.

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