Midland family grateful for help in search for their grandmother

Midland family grateful for help in search for their grandmother
Billie Jane Lewis. (Source: KWEs)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The search for 71-year-old Billie Jane Lewis came to an end on Sunday and now the family wants to give thanks to the community.

"The way people just genuinely good-hearted were outside. People that don't know us, people that only know us as acquaintances were outside showing up. They were putting out fliers, were responding to the Facebook posts. People that didn't know us were out there searching for her," said Jessica Johnson, Lewis' Granddaughter.

Lewis was a member of Greater Ideal Baptist Church in Midland. If you weren't one of her grandchildren or great-grandchildren, you probably knew who she was as she was in the neighborhood near Jackson Street in Midland.

Her youngest daughter, Tammy Nobel, who was taking care of her, is also the one who reported Lewis' missing to Midland Police.

When no one saw her in the neighborhood, that's when Nobel got very worried.

"Even in the neighborhood, where we stay, no one could actually tell us 'yes, we did see her,' was shocking because she is so well-known," said Nobel.

Johnson says that she and her cousins loved their grandmother's cooking and she always woke them up extra early on Sunday's.

"Early, every Sunday morning, way earlier than getting ready for church. But she made a hot breakfast on Sunday mornings with loud gospel music playing in the living room," said Johnson.

Apparently, she was no average cook in the kitchen.

"Homemade biscuits from scratch and it's not a recipe like she couldn't me, 'Oh we need a tablespoon of salt, we need four cups of flour.' It was one of those things that looks like enough," said Nobel.

Her family can't believe the outreach of people in the West Texas community and they are beyond grateful.

"Nothing will ever compare to Texas hospitality," said Johnson.

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