Possible Texas state-wide ban on plastic bags could be on the way

Possible Texas state-wide ban on plastic bags could be on the way
Natural Grocers. (Source; KWES)

(KWES) - There are a group of business owners in Laredo that are fighting their city's ordinance over a plastic bag ban. Now, their case is being heard by the state Supreme Court.

The case is primarily over business owners fighting for the right to choose to bag however they want, and not have the state tell them they are not allowed to use plastic bags.

Fort Stockton already has restrictions on them and Austin wants to outright ban them.  But, if the case swings with the business owners, those restrictions and bans could be thrown out the window.

In Midland and Odessa primarily, most grocery and clothing stores bag their products and goods in plastic bags.

However, Natural Grocers in Midland chooses to be plastic-free and the store says it works for them while they are helping the environment.

"Customers pay 99 cents for a reusable bag. Then after that, it's reused for as many years as it lasts," said Ashly Miles with Natural Grocers in Midland.

Also, when you bring in a reusable bag, you also help out the community.

"They (re-useable bags) also give back to the community. We donate 5 cents for every person that brings in a reusable bag," said Miles.

Last year, the 5 cents donations added up to $737.25. That money was donated to the West Texas Food Bank, which helped provide more than 2,949 meals to hungry people in the Permian Basin.

However, if you don't bring a re-useable bag and don't have extra cash to pay for one, the store says you can have a box for free.

The boxes are recycled from produce and stock items.

The Texas Supreme Court does not have a deadline to resolve the issue, but is expected to have a decision by late June or early July.

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