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Midland County Republican Women hosts luncheon for State Senate Dist. 31 candidates

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The Midland County Republican Women held a luncheon on Wednesday for State Senate District 31's Republican candidates.

The meeting took place at the Midland Country Club.

The three candidates, Victor Leal, Mike Canon, and incumbent Kel Seliger, were all given the chance to explain why they're the best man for the job and air out the differences between one another.

An important process, according to Senator Seliger, "There's a clear choice to be made and substantial differences between us, and it's important for people to know those, there's nothing more powerful than an informed voter."

Some of those differences were reiterated by the candidates opposing Seliger when we asked him them about their concerns with the current administration.

"Property taxes, we also need to reform school finance. I think those are glaring issues that we have to go back and address and it's gonna take a lot of courage," said Leal.

"It's a different vision that I have from our senator. Seliger has shown that he leans towards centralized government and I just don't," said Canon.

Attendees of the luncheon were made up of a number of Midland officials including Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter, Mayor Jerry Morales, and District Attorney Laura Nodolf, along with dozens of other Republicans.

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