Local doctors see more patients with dry skin problems during winter

Local doctors see more patients with dry skin problems during winter

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - West Texas has been getting roller-coaster changes in the weather and those cold temperatures are bringing more patients to see the doctor because of their dry skin.

Doctors said they see many patients walking in with dry skin problems more often during the winter. They said you should be moisturizing a little more than usual during the winter. Especially when you're at home turning up the heat.

"The colder weather, we run the heaters in our homes more," said Dr. David Davison with Medical Center Hospital Family Practice. "When you run the heater more, it dries out the air, and there's less water in the air. Our skin loves moisture."

Humidity begins to drop and when it does, that's when the moisture in your skin does the same. But it's more severe with middle-aged or older people since the skin becomes thinner with age.

"Dry skin that comes from thin skin can cause cracking on the skin, once the skin cracks open, there's an avenue for a bacterial infection of the skin or other problems like eczema, which is a dry scaly wet condition of the skin," said Davison.

One of the best and easiest ways doctors say is a step to prevention, is simply moisturizing your skin when temperatures drop below 50. But even with West Texas winter weather changes, doctors said to make sure you're moisturizing your skin more than once and give it that extra TLC it deserves. They recommend Vaseline or Cetaphil to help moisturize your dry skin. You can carry around a small bottle of lotion or moisturizer when you're on the go, or have a humidifier running in your room to raise the humidity.

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