Midland County Sheriff's Office cashing out on slot machines

Midland County Sheriff's Office cashing out on slot machines

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The Midland County Sheriff's Office reported a $12,000 sale of 44 slot machines on Monday at the county's Commissioner's Court meeting.

The machines were seized as part of a 7-year operation between 2009-2016 that raided a number of illegal gambling rings.

The machines were awarded to the department in lawsuits conducted by the District Attorney.

Thanks to their collaborative efforts, departments will split the proceeds on a 70/30 split with the sheriff's department receiving the lion's share.

The seized 8-liners are kept in a sheriff's office evidence locker until they are listed for sale on an online auction.

Sheriff Gary Painter tells us selling the machine is like a late holiday present, "It's like Christmas. We get some extra money that we did not budget for."

Painter says that money goes right where he needs it.

"We use it for bullet proofs vests, ammunition, weapons, we use it to buy things that will benefit the officers of the sheriff's office," said Painter.

All but 50 of the hundreds of illegally used 8-liners have now been sold.

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