Dealing with 'spoof' calls can be no laughing matter

Dealing with 'spoof' calls can be no laughing matter

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Spoof calls, everyone with a phone has gotten them.

"Spoofing is when somebody that calls you using a phone, they insert a different phone number than the number they're actually calling you from," said Dennis Sever, Vice President of I.T. & Facilities at Midland College.

Crazy thing is a person could be calling you from anywhere.

"Los Angeles, or Canada, or Mexico, or India, or China," said Sever.

How can it be stopped? Because of growing technology, Sever believes it can only be contained.

"It's kind of like if you move to a farm, you're going to have flies. If you go outside in the spring, you're going to have mosquitoes," said Sever.

Contained using apps like Call-Blocker.

"What it does is it lets me create a block list of phone numbers. I can go review recent calls," said Sever.

The FCC states spoofing in some cases is illegal especially if it's used to defraud or hurt someone financially. To stay on the safe side, Sever says following these tips will help.

"You should never give your social security out, your address, your age, correct spelling of your name," said Sever.

You know the calls you should be getting.

"If you want to protect your privacy, it begins with you," said Sever.

So, if you think you might be getting spoofed, you can report it to the FCC, local police or just don't answer.

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