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Social media falls in love with dog's happy trip to Target

(Credit: @ZiraTheCorgi) (Credit: @ZiraTheCorgi)
(Credit: @ZiraTheCorgi) (Credit: @ZiraTheCorgi)

(WBTV) - A pet dog's trip to Target has garnered massive social media attention after pictures showed her looking very excited in a shopping cart.

Her owner Jesse tweeted the pictures, and the tweet has more than 100,000 retweets and 400,000 likes.

The dog's name is Zira the Corgi, and she's a Corgi and Mini Aussie mix from California. 

The pictures show her in a Target shopping cart with great glee and joy as she rides down the aisle.

Zira has gained her own social media following, with more than 12,000 Instagram followers and more than 3,000 Twitter followers. She's apparently enjoying the love.

One Twitter follower even compared Zira to Bullseye, Target's official mascot.

Not everyone was happy about seeing Zira in Target as many people on social media pointed out that only service animals are allowed in stores.

"I’m sure you’ve all seen my pictures of me strolling through Target. And I’m here to say I’ve learned a lot about the laws and regulations on pets allowed in stores. My parents weren’t aware of all the risks and dangers when they brought me in there. I was set on a towel in the cart, so I didn’t make contact with the bottom of the cart," Zira responded in an Instagram post.

"My trip to Target does not make it okay for all dogs to go to their local market. We will now be more considerate about service animals needing to do their job! Everyone should do the same."

You can follow Zira on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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