Beattie sisters play side by side one last year for Midland Classical

Beattie sisters play side by side one last year for Midland Classical

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Basketball is not just a hobby for the Beattie family. It is a passion and a family tradition. Leia and Makenna Beattie are the last of the 4 Beattie sisters to play at Midland Classical together and this year is the final season they'll play side by side. 

"It's so much fun getting to play with each other, because it's more of that special connection and we know how to encourage each other and push each other," said Leia Beattie. 

"At times you know there will be a little bickering on the court, but immediately after we're best friends again and I love being around her and it's so fun to get to play with her," said Makenna Beattie. 

Being on the court runs in the Beattie family especially at Midland Classical where it's a family affair.

"My grandpa, my mom and my Aunt Carla are the 3 coaches of our team. My Uncle Steve is the head coach of the JV boys team and then my younger cousin Gabe is on the JV and Varsity boys," said Leia. 

"Sometimes it's stressful, because it's like you know if I mess up I'm going home with my mom too but it's so much fun. Like I said she loves me and wants the best for me. I can definitely feel that and see that on the court," said Makenna.

For this family, basketball is their favorite past time.

"Growing up with a basketball family has always been a huge bonding experience. If I wanted to hang out with my family, it's like okay let's all go to the gym and shoot around," said Makenna. 

"It is a great way to build your character. It helps you work with others and to not give up in hard situations," said Leia.

For senior Makenna, the Lady Knights started as her teammates, but as her last season goes on they'll finish as her family.

"I'll miss getting to be so close with a group of girls and getting to come out here and compete together like a family. Also getting to be around my actual family while I do it," said Makenna.

Makenna and Leia look to enjoy their last season together and hope to have a strong year.

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