Jimenez sisters sharing the court at Odessa High School

Jimenez sisters sharing the court at Odessa High School

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - They've grown up playing the same sport, but now they're sharing the same court. Meet sisters Roxana and Aneth Jimenez, who are playing key roles for the Odessa High Lady Bronchos this season.

Both Jimenez sisters have seen minutes at Odessa High School before but never at the same time. Aneth, a senior, suffered ACL tears, which kept her sidelined for bulks of the past two seasons.

While Aneth was on the bench, Coach Pyburn called up Roxana, then a freshman, now a sophomore, to play for the varsity squad.

With Aneth back, they're now enjoying the transition from siblings to teammates.

"It's fun. It's interesting because we can talk strategy together because we know what each other is capable of, so we kind of have each others back," said Aneth.

Although that doesn't mean sisterly arguments don't happen from time to time.

"The other day we were fighting and some of them team was like, 'they actually talk to each other like that' and I wanted to turn to them and be like, 'we're sisters, so it's okay,'" said Aneth.

The two play different positions but they agree that they share the same work ethic. Despite those little disagreements, the game has made their relationship stronger.

"It's closer I think, basketball has brought us closer this year," said Roxana.

The Jimenez sisters also agreed that their goal is to make the playoffs as OHS hasn't since 2005. The Lady Bronchos have an away game Friday night at Amarillo Tascosa.

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