Internal investigation reveals Odessa City Attorney 'created hostile work environment'

Internal investigation reveals Odessa City Attorney 'created hostile work environment'
Larry Long. (Source: FILE KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An internal investigation has revealed some new details into Odessa City Attorney Larry Long.

In a memorandum received by NewsWest 9, a grievance was filed on or about July 12, 2017.

In the grievance, a worker stated that, "she had been singled out from the other support staff, bullied, unjustly accused of excessive absences and that her privacy has been violated."

According to the report, the worker stated that she would have to "follow him (Long) around" in order to get a response regarding time off.

The report also stated that Long would call people by names other than the ones they were given. Such names including "Bunny Rabbit," "Honey" and "Snake" were just a few.

The report included that 2 employees stated that Long touched their hair and two employees also reported that Long would sit too close to them.

This complaint was the third complaint against Larry Long. Back in 2007, Long was accused of alleged sexual harassment. In that case, it was determined that Long violated the city's illegal harassment policy and was disciplined.

Then in 2009, according to the report, alleged favoritism was reported based on an alleged "relationship" between Long and a subordinate. In that case, it was determined that no policies were violated.

The memorandum stated that, "Larry has worked for the City over 30 years in the City Attorney's Office and wrote/approved many of the policies currently in place, including the City's illegal harassment policy."

The internal investigation concluded, according to the memorandum, that, "Larry can no more claim ignorance of the policy and what constitutes improper behavior than the City can for the notion that he may repeat some of the behavior that got him suspended 10 years ago."

As we've reported, Long submitted his letter of resignation at the end of November.

His resignation will take effect in February 2018.

To view the redacted memorandum, click here.

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