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BSD works to improve student responsibility, grades

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The Batesville School District has implemented a new program that they hope improves student grades and promotes responsibility. 

It is called ZAP, which stands for Zeros Aren't Permitted. 

The program gives students a second chance if they don't complete an assignment. 

In his monthly newsletter, Superintendent Dr. Michael Hester explained that students who receive zeros are more likely to keep missing assignments and are at a greater risk of failure. 

"A lot of times a student who receives a zero, it's not immediate, it's put into the gradebook but they may not see it," Batesville High School Principal David Campbell said. "They don't realize that's going to really affect their GPA and their chance to succeed so with the ZAP program the day that an assignment is not turned in that student is notified and they're assigned to that class period."

The goal is to show students that homework and projects are important. 

It also allows for one-on-one time with teachers, if necessary, to figure out why a student is struggling. 

"A lot of times a student that gets a zero, it may not be that they can't do the work, it may be organizational, it may just be that they aren't motivated to do that, so with this program it allows them to do that," Campbell said. 

If a student uses the ZAP period to complete an assignment, they can't earn more than 80% on it. 

If they fail to finish any assignment within five days, they can only earn up to 50%. 

If a student does not show up to their ZAP period, they will get a disciplinary referral and their parents will be called. 

"Of course, the key is not necessarily the letter grade, we want to make sure they have the learning and the skills they need to succeed and we feel like the ZAP program will do that," Campbell said. 

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