New building to bring more shelter space for Midland Salvation Army

New building to bring more shelter space for Midland Salvation Army
Shelter mats, Salvation Army Midland. (Source: KWES.)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Its freezing outside, and for those that are living on the streets, it can be a dangerous situation.

The Salvation Army in Midland says they will not limit the number of people they will allow in their shelter on Tuesday night.

"Anybody that needs a warm bed can come in. We really don't have a limit, we just have to do what we can to keep everybody warm," said Kat Hernandez, with the Salvation Army in Midland.

But had Tuesday not been what is considered, a cold night, the shelter would have limited the amount of people that they would accept in. Only 7 women and 14 men would have been accepted because that's all the shelter could house.

For single dads, it can be very challenging as the shelter separates men and women.

That meant that a dad could not bring his children into the men's dormitory where multiple rows of beds are placed in one room.

Currently, the Salvation Army can only take in families if they had access to a private room.

However, the new building will offer more space for people and keep families together.

"We will be housing about 30 beds in the men's side and about 20 on the woman's side. We will finally have private rooms, where we will not be separating the families," said Hernandez.

The new building will open its doors in 2019.

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