Crews hustle in frigid temps to fix broken water lines

Crews hustle in frigid temps to fix broken water lines

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Permian Basin has had enough winter weather the past few days to last an entire year. On the surface is snow and freezing temps, below that, a number of busted water pipes.

"All throughout the city," said Andrea Goodson, City Spokeswoman.

Goodson has been keeping up with the crews around town. On Tuesday morning, a few of them were at 17th St. & Dixie Blvd., University Blvd. & Dixie Blvd., 1st St. & Belmont Ave. and 46th St. & Permian Dr.

"We have about 6 crews that work. They're on-call and they rotate out. If it is a large break, it might take 2 crews to isolate it," said Goodson.

A large break is something that the City of Midland is currently dealing with.

"Normally, it's right in the city but our biggest break right now is at Main St. and Wadley Ave. There's a big 20 inch line that broke last (Monday) night," said Carl Craigo, Assistant Utility Director with the City of Midland.

Crews were seen working on the line on Tuesday afternoon.

"It's a yearly thing, we go through this a lot," said Craigo.

Construction trucks was one of the things used to fix the major line.

"Backhoes, saws, front loaders," said Craigo.

To make sure you are not left in the cold, city officials said to follow these tips:

  • If you own a business or home make sure you turn off any automatic sprinklers,
  • Let your faucet drip
  • Try to get any warmth to your pipes.

The cold won't last much longer but officials are prepared to see more pipes break as the weather gets back to normal. Go figure right.

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