Permian hosts annual alumni gymnastics meet

Permian hosts annual alumni gymnastics meet

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - For some, 2018 started by picking up old habits. Or at least attempting to, as alumni of Permian gymnastics competed in an annual meet against the current Panthers.

"It's always been a time for the older guys to come in and see the new guys while trying not to hurt ourselves," said Camryn Hammit.

"It's fun seeing them try but at the same time I get nervous for them," said current team member, Brandon Dominguez.

While those who've graduated might seem like the underdogs, Coach Chris Soto says the stats say otherwise as the alums usually come out on top, and for the most part, unscathed.

"Mostly we're just all sore the next morning but it doesn't get too out of hand," said Soto.

Soto helped Permian secure its last state title, back in 2005. The same can't totally be said about an alumni 2018 win.

"A couple years ago, I was the one getting hurt. Today, I kinda wore down a little bit so I'm not out there as much," said Soto.

Instead, he mostly judged alongside his former Permian coach Todd Vesely to see where the team is at as they head into the new year.

"This meet is about getting the kids ready and really just preparing them," said Soto.

Permian men's gymnastics ended their 2017 campaign fifth in the state of Texas. Their 2018 journey is about to jump start with 3 meets in the month of January.

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