Proper use of child seats getting added to driver's education courses

Proper use of child seats getting added to driver's education courses

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The driver's manual for teens just got a little bigger.

"It's something that we really need to focus on now," said Ned Simmons, Owner, Big C's Drivers Education, Midland

You learn a lot in Drivers Ed. Now teens and hopefuls who want to get behind the wheel will learn one more thing, how to properly put in a child safety seat.

"Kids are growing up much faster. They're behind the wheel at a much younger age," said Simmons.

Simmons got the memo about the bill state lawmakers created this year.

The bill aims to keep everyone behind the feel protected.

"We need to make sure kids are being safe with themselves also with their kids or kids that belong to other people," said Simmons.

Along with adding it to the lesson plan, Simmons hopes to have professionals come in and show his young drivers the right and wrong way to set up a car seat.

"They do need to be able to protect their kids and in the right car seats that they need. The right direction, booster seats included," said Simmons.

Big C's sees almost 40 student drivers per session.

"We do have a lot of kids seeking to get their driver's license that are having kids. It's going to be a responsibility that they have to protect their kids while driving defensively," said Simmons.

While they will learn about who has the right of way or what do you do at a 4-way stop, this new lesson is as beneficial as learning how to change a tire.

"We try to stress the fact that they are young adults and they're going to be dealing with kids at some point in their life, whether their own or somebody else's. I think it's really important that they do pay attention to it and they do learn it and they get really familiar with it because kids are coming," said Simmons.

Big C's looks to add child seats to their lesson plan by the next session in January.

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