Midland YMCA prepping for the New Year

Midland YMCA prepping for the New Year

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If losing weight or getting physically fit is your new years resolution, don't look any further. The Midland YMCA has your back and they're preparing for the new year.

They have about 4,000 units, or members and families who come to the facility. But come January, that's when they get a kick in their membership with a few hundred new-comers.

They have ways to encourage people to not only come out, but stick around for the year.

"We have a huge spike in January," said Health and Wellness Director Aimee Tittlemier. "We try to get ahold of our members and get engaged right away. There's so much to do to get involved in here."

So if you're trying to stick to your new years resolution, whether it's losing weight or staying fit, they can help you get a jump start to attain your 2018 goals.

"We provide a program called Smart Start to anyone who joins. It's a free program where you sit with a wellness coach and go over the goals you want to accomplish," said Tittlemier. "We create a plan for them. Sometimes you can get lost so we try to take those hands that come in and get them involved in something they like and something that'll stick for them so you don't find that fall come March or April."

But if you're not so much into the gym scene, they have additional features coming out for the new year. Soon, you can take part in adult sports leagues from pickleball, adult volleyball and kickball. They're also meeting the needs and wants of the youth, including sports like Taekwondo.

"We're so much more than just a place to come workout or come and get your workout in," said Tittlemier. "We're a place that's such a family since I've been here. I've seen that family grow. It's a wonderful thing to be a part of."

If you're not a member, there's a no-joiners fee in January. For more information, you can contact the Midland YMCA at (432) 682-2551.

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