City officials offer tips for driving on icy roads

City officials offer tips for driving on icy roads
Icy Roadways. (Source: KWES.)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you looked out your window this morning in West Texas, you might have seen some frost on your car window and a black street.

But let me guess you walked out on the sidewalk and that's when you realized right before you almost fell, it was slippery.

Black ice can be very deceiving. What looks like just a wet road, could actually have a layer of ice.

With dangerous icy roadways, there are certain spots that you should avoid.

"A lot of times it's the elevated roadways. It's the bridges, the concrete surfaces that freeze first. What we saw this (Wednesday) morning was a lot of black ice," said Gabe McClelland with the City of Midland Transportation Department.

The city says they are working around the clock to help thaw as much ice as they can, but they do need drivers to do their part too.

"Just allow more time for where you need to be. When you are approaching an intersection, approach them a little slower. start breaking a little bit sooner," said McClelland.

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