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Tow truck drivers respond to high number of accidents on icy West Texas roads

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It was a busy day for tow truck drivers as the roads iced over across West Texas.

More than 150 accidents were reported in the Permian Basin.

This left tow truck drivers running back and forth from body shops, car yards and accident scenes.

Chad Losiewski from Crash Masters in Odessa told us that was par for the course for icy days in Texas.

"On an average day, you can get 3 wrecks in a day. On an icy day, you can get 12," says Losiewski.

He also explained how he keeps himself and the passengers he transports safe, since he has to drive on those same dangerous conditions, "when there's ice on the road you drive a little slower, with more caution and just take my time."

Losiewski says that while he enjoys his job, it can be mentally tough seeing so many accidents.

"Well it sticks with ya, especially the fatalities, they're always in the back of your head," said Losiewski.

He tells us he just wants everyone to stay safe on the road and that the best way to do that is to keep your eyes, focus on what's ahead of you and not your cell phone, especially when there's ice on the road.

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