Local veterinarian serves the community on Christmas Day

Local veterinarian serves the community on Christmas Day
Dog at the Vet on Christmas. (Source:KWES.)

(KWES) - While most West Texans are enjoying their time with family, some were off to work on Christmas morning.

It might have been the fast food worker in the drive through line or where you pumped your gas on your way to your family's house, those jobs are what make everyone else's holiday more convenient, but some career's help keep our furry friends healthy and alive.

"Emergencies happen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year," said Dr. Ann Wills.

On Christmas, the Dailey's had to bring in Duke, their Belgian Sheppard mix, who was suffering from a post-surgery infection.  

But Dr. Wills says it's helping families in their time of need, even during the holidays, that are the most important to her.

"Even though we would all not like to be here and be home with our families, I actually l look at it as a service. I put myself in their shoes, if I had an emergency wouldn't I want someone to be there for me," said Wills.

But she does offer some advice to families, such as keep the chocolate away from their pets. Chocolate can be very toxic to dogs and other domesticated animals.

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