West Texas family shares their Christmas tamale tradition

West Texas family shares their Christmas tamale tradition

(KWES) - Eating and making tamales is a Christmas tradition for many families here in west Texas.

So we spoke with Emelda Hewtty who brings her whole family together each year for a tamale making marathon on what makes the tradition so special for her and her relatives.

"We use it as an excuse to make tamales, but really its a time that we have a fellowship, we get together as family and we forget about all of our troubles outside of this place," says Hewtty.

She tells us it's something they've carried on for generations "My grandmother is the one that actually started this, years ago."

Emelda tells us in the end, everyone takes home a few dozen tamales, memories, and the keys to family tradition "we hope that when we are no longer here that our children, and our grand kids will proceed with the same traditions and pass those on to generations to come."

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