Beyond the Bow: 2nd grader gets surgery in hopes to walk independently

Beyond the Bow: 2nd grader gets surgery in hopes to walk independently

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Christian du Preez has Bilateral hip dysplasia, it's a condition that causes him to rely on a walker or a wheelchair in order to get around.

"Christian and his twin brother were born while I was 24 weeks pregnant. When Christian was a month old, he developed bacterial spinal meningitis," said Christians mother, Amber du Preez. "At that small, everything in his body is still trying to connect and form, and it did not complete in the way that it would for an average child."

For a few years now, Christian has been going to Midland Children's Rehab Center, but his parents wanted to take things to the next level, by letting him undergo surgery so he can be able to walk.

"We want to make him have the best quality of life as possible," said Amber. "He will be able to have a better core standing up, have strength, stability and will be able to walk and do things that kids do everyday."

Christian says he is looking forward to the amount of rest he's about to have following the surgery, and is excited to spend some time with his family and friends during his recovery period.

If you would like to send a note, a picture, or any kind of encouragement to show Christian some support, call Midland Children's Rehab center at (432) 498-2053, where they are putting together a care package for him and will be giving it to him soon.

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