Midland Soup Kitchen celebrates Christmas

Midland Soup Kitchen celebrates Christmas
Midland Soup Kitchen. (Source:KWES)

(KWES) - During the week, the Midland Soup Kitchen opens their doors at 11:30 a.m. for lunch.

This is an opportunity for some that have no resource to have their bellies full of food, have a chance to eat.

But with Christmas only a few days away, the soup kitchen celebrated Christmas and wanted to do something special.

People like Hollie Teal, that doesn't know where the next meal is coming from, will have a warm plate to eat.

"I come here regularly, I live in my car, so when I have the gas to make it over here, when I park, I come over here," said Teal who is homeless.

The soup kitchen also relies on volunteers to make it happen and give those in need some hope, love and Christmas spirit.

"Just give them love, that's one of the main things is just coming in and seeing people that come in every day, and want a warm meal," said Celeste Pruitt, volunteer.

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