Beyond the Bow: Jail Ministry

Beyond the Bow: Jail Ministry
Katerina Blair. (Source:KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Jail Ministry has helped former inmates behind bars re-start a new life.

Louise Goode is one of those people that has decided more than 45-years of her life, giving love and compassion to those in despair.

Goode, attends First Baptist Church in Midland, and there you can find her office in the Missionary Building, across the street from the main chapel.

In her office, you find a wall of shelves with piles of envelopes and stamps soon to be filled with bible lessons.

"We just want them to have a religious resource on Sunday mornings, to help them get their thoughts together. So that during the week they can read, they can study and pray," said Goode.

Not only does Goode become a pen pal to inmates, but every Sunday, she goes to Midland County Jail for 1 hour and leads a Sunday service with inmates.

"Now, I would like to be able to say, that I had a big calling to go to the jail, but the truth of the matter was I just have never seen a jail and I wanted to go," said Goode.

Though Goode does not't feel she has done anything special, she has changed countless lives that were once filled with darkness now be filled with light.

Like Katerina Blair, who is now a born again Christian and attends Fairmont Park Church of Christ.

"While I was there, sometimes you don't get mail and stuff, you know my mom did write me some and you know sometimes you want to hear your name being called. But the jail the ministry was faithful, and they would write about things I was going through and tell me bible studies to tell me about it," said Blair.

Goode was a part of the positive live change of Katerina Blair.

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