Beyond the Bow: Family's Christmas saved thanks to Salvation Army

Beyond the Bow: Family's Christmas saved thanks to Salvation Army
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(KWES) - When you think about Christmas, it always the good never the bad. It's understandable, gifts, family, just being together, however you celebrate it.

For some families, it's not that easy.

"We're struggling," said Tiffany Nonic.

Struggles that John Loftin, Tiffany Nonic and their kids know all about.

"We lost our apartment to a flood. We finally were able to get an apartment and I found out I was pregnant and they put me on a high-risk pregnancy," said Nonic.

John works two jobs, Tiffany can't right now and everything they hoped for looked bleak.

"I didn't know how we were going to be able to afford Christmas. We were pretty scared," said Nonic.

Looking for their own Christmas miracle, they turned to the Salvation Army.

Hundreds of families and thousands of toys donated to help them.

"They came in and pretty much saved my Christmas for me and my kids," said Nonic.

Tiffany asked for anything artsy for her daughter who loves to draw. For little Brayden anything that will help him learn. Brayden loves his bike.

"Without them families like us wouldn't be able to give our children Christmas," said Nonic.

Because Christmas is a time everyone should enjoy.

"If times are bad and you're struggling, there's always a better side to the dark side," said Nonic.

The bad no one talks about can always turn to good, that's what Christmas is all about.

The toys were donated through the NewsWest 9 Toy Drive. The families that donated were local and the toys stayed local.

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