Police offering travel tips for those heading out of town for Christmas

Police offering travel tips for those heading out of town for Christmas
Holiday traveling (Source:KWES.)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The holidays are around the corner, and some West Texans are about to start packing up and heading out for the holidays.

A.A.A says that this year 107 million people are ready to get out of town for the holidays.

But, before you say, "Goodbye to West Texas," for bit at least the Midland Police Department wants you to come home safe.

"Lock your door, secure your door and make sure your alarm is turned on," said Sgt. Jimmy Young with the Midland Police Department.

M.P.D. also says to give the illusion that someone is home, even if you are not actually there.

"Turn your television on, close all your window shades so people can't see inside your house," said Young.

Also, talk to a neighbor that you trust and let them know you that you plan on leaving so they can keep an eye out.

"You know, you always have the one neighbor that knows what's going on in the neighborhood. Notify him or her just say, "hey, I am leaving town or just watch my house, I am going to work," said Young.

The Midland Police Department says if you need them, they are here. You can easily have them do a request patrol, meaning that they will send a patrol unit to drive by your house a few times while you are gone just to make sure everything is in working order.

Finally, while we are locking the doors to the house, don't forget to lock your car too.

"If you have weapons, do not leave it in your vehicle. We tell everybody lock or lose it because we don't want you to lose your stuff," said Young.

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