Hobbs High School student accused of using school computer to create threat of shooting

Hobbs High School student accused of using school computer to create threat of shooting
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HOBBS, NM (KWES) - A Hobbs High School senior is in some trouble, accused of using a computer to create a shooting threat.

According to Hobbs Municipal Schools, the senior allegedly used a school computer to create the threat of a shooting on campus this week.

We're told that two other Hobbs High School students used their cell phones to photograph the computer screen hoax and then circulated it on their Snapchat social media accounts.

School officials said that prior to the incident, rumors earlier in the day of a shooting at Hobbs High School resulted in more than 200 parents picking up their student from school early.

Administrators added that this all started when students in a morning class overheard classmates discussing the recent school shooting at Aztec High School.

We're told that conversation turned to rumors of a planned school shooting in a nearby school district at 12:12 p.m. on Dec. 12.

Administrators went on to say amid the rumors, "one student thought it would be funny to alter the school website to make it appear as if there was a message on it."

The district said that the student used "cut and paste" on a computer in the school library, the student altered the top of the Hobbs Municipal Schools website to create an obscene message and threat, "Ima shoot this (expletive) up."

School officials said at no time was the school website hacked and the message wasn't made public. We're told however, that 2 students who were also in the library, forwarded the pictures of the website from their cell phones, which caused the rumors of the shooting at the high school.

The school said they were able to later determine the specific Snapchat accounts and traced the computer where the alteration was made in the library.

We're told three students were identified and discipline was given to those students.

The senior involved may also face prosecution.

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