New trend of escape rooms in the Permian Basin

New trend of escape rooms in the Permian Basin
Get Out! Escape room in Odessa. (Source:KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - There is a new trend of activities happening here in the Permian Basin and it's all by gathering clues and solving puzzles.

"Escape room is you can go with family, friends or co-workers you can interact with each other and you can interact with the whole room," said Melvin Herron, owner of Get Out! in Odessa.

It happens by having a group of people go into a room, each one is themed with a different clues and puzzles to solve.

"We have three themes, we have one that is called, "Baker Street Mystery" its based on Sherlock Holmes, We have one called, "The Don's Order's" and it's based off the mafia, and then we have one a little bit darker its called, "8" and it's based off a serial killer that kills every 8 days," said Herron.

The owner of the escape room says that it all stemmed from his own family enjoying going to escape rooms. But they're are not just set up for families, they are fun for co-workers too.

"We have done several together and we do them together as a family, and we have learned each other strengths from doing the escape room," said Herron.

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