From junior high to senior year, 7 Balmorhea seniors look ahead to last game

From junior high to senior year, 7 Balmorhea seniors look ahead to last game

BALMORHEA, TX (KWES) - Among the Balmorhea Bears 15-man varsity roster, there are 7 seniors who have grown up together not only as friends, but as teammates. As their senior season ends, these boys hope to finish strong in their last game.

"It's bittersweet. It hasn't really hit me yet, but it's crazy to think that it's going to be my last game. It feels like I've been playing forever. They're my brothers out there, we're so close. We have such a strong bond with each other," said Matthew Carrasco.

These boys have been playing football together since junior high, but have been friends longer than that.

"We've been together since we were in elementary school and we've all grown up playing football down at that elementary school over there. It started in 7th grade where we had to become leaders because there were no 8th graders in junior high," said Josiah Garcia.

Their seventh-grade season didn't go as they hoped, but when eighth grade came around, these Bears were ready to play.

"Eighth grade came out undefeated district champs. These boys have always been grinding, working hard to become the best they can," said Garcia.

Growing up together on the field brought a rare kind of chemistry that the town had noticed right away. They knew these boys were an exceptional group.

"Just watching them grow up from junior high, and the way, they played together. I just knew, everybody knew, they were going to be something special. So they came up and proved us right," said Joshua Matta.

"Knowing that we are going to be forever a mark on this town, it feels really good," said Marco Martinez.

Next week, these childhood friends will strap on their shoulder pads, wear their Balmorhea uniforms with pride, and walk on the field one last time together.

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