Technology proves useful in apprehending Odessa murder suspect

Technology proves useful in apprehending Odessa murder suspect
Ashley Williams (Source: Facebook)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - We live in a day and age where technology, such as cell phones, GPS and social media are a part of our daily lives.

Many of those devices that help make our lives easier and more connected also assist many law enforcement agencies in tracking criminals.

With the recent murder of 21-year-old Ashley Williams, many people are still in shock to learn the details of a young mom that was stabbed and body thrown in a nearby dumpster.

But, with the help of something as simple as an OnStar system in a car, Odessa Police, with the help of Department of Public Safety, were able to locate the suspect's vehicle.

Kevin Roberts, who is accused of killing Williams, was found in 3 hours.

"The vast majority of the crimes we solve now, are in a lot of cases solved, through social media or other tracking devices," said Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

Before you fear that big brother is watching your every move, citizens to have rights to privacy.

Only with a reasonable cause, search warrant or an arrest warrant will law enforcement agencies go to the extent of tracking you down through an electronic device.

In the case of Ashley Williams, her boyfriend reported her missing and his car was stolen. That was a reasonable cause to have the search and arrest warrant approved.

"His girlfriend had his vehicle and he suspected that something wasn't right because she had his vehicle and his girlfriend wasn't there. And of course, there was a blood trail and a strong chemical smell," said LeSueur.

Roberts was found on Interstate 20 near mile marker 408, in Weatherford, Texas, where he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle.

Through the ability to have clear communication with nearby law enforcement agencies and the use of a GPS, Kevin Roberts was behind bars quickly.

"Dispatch also alerted all other law enforcement agencies everywhere else, and with that vehicle information. that way if law enforcement agencies come across it in a surrounding jurisdiction anywhere, it's going to come back stolen, and that is exactly what happened," said LeSueur.

Going to show that electronic devices that make our lives easier, also help in assisting in finding suspects for the serious crime.

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