Crisis Center of Odessa breaks ground on new location

Crisis Center of Odessa breaks ground on new location
(Source: KWES)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Odessa will soon have a new place to find peace and safety.

The Crisis Center of Odessa will be moving to a new and larger location.

The center broke ground on Thursday.

Their current shelter serves as an emergency sanctuary for victims, but the number of people finding refuge there has outgrown the amount of space it can provide.

"Our current shelter is cramped, 4 people to a room, sleeping in bunk beds. Each only getting one drawer to place all of their belongings in a dresser. The new place will have a lot more space, room for healing, which is really what they need after experiencing such trauma," said Karen Hildebrand, Executive Director at Crisis Center of Odessa.

A number of organizations helped fund the new location.

It should be open to the public by December of 2018.

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