Small town, big fan base: Balmorhea heads to state with town behind them

Small town, big fan base: Balmorhea heads to state with town behind them

BALMORHEA, TX (KWES) - Balmorhea is more than a community, it is a family and with family comes tradition and pride. The Bears football team unites this town every week and especially as they head to state.

The town of nearly 500 stands behind the Bears as their number one fans in the bleachers and all throughout the streets of this close-knit community.

"The whole town is going to be there. They'll get 2 more charter buses again this year, like they did last year. There should be a big fan base out there for the kids this year again as well," said Joshua Matta.

As the team continues their road to history, every person in town feels the same.

"We're very proud of them. Very proud and they're good guys. All of them and good boys and their parents and all," said Fidela Jasso.

To the town, being a Bear is more than suiting up and playing on Friday nights. It is living on a legacy that generations before them started, but are still longing for the ultimate end goal.

"It's a family dream, everybody's family dream here in Balmorhea. Everybody who played for Balmorhea had a dream of going to state and these kids are of a younger generation. Watching these kids grow up, we knew they were going to be special, so come these years later here they are. Two years in a row. Two times for the first time in Balmorhea history to get to state. It's pretty exciting," said Matta.

On game days, you can find the town in the stands cheering on their Bears and next Wednesday, you'll find them painting the stands blue in Arlington.

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