The man who built the Balmorhea Bears

The man who built the Balmorhea Bears

BALMORHEA, TX (KWES) - Vance Jones took over the Balmorhea football team in 2012, after a short 3 months in retirement.

"In August, you start getting itchy you know and so well I thought I'll do it another couple of years and it was just the perfect fit," said Jones.

Fast forward 5 years, and the seventh graders he began the program with, are now the senior leaders.

"They were just skinny little kids when I first got here and just to see them grow mentally, physically and spiritually is amazing. Hopefully, I've had a little influence on them you know," said Jones.

His successful six-man football system has stretched 4 different schools to a state championship game, but knowing he's shaping the lives of his players means more than any ring ever could.

"It's what we get in the profession for, to help guide young men and when you realize you are making an impact it makes you feel good," said Jones.

His first year with the Bears was his 42nd year coaching with 3 state titles to his name. It'd be easy to feel satisfied but he wants one more for Balmorhea.

"That would be the ultimate. You know as a coach, I've been there before. When we started, I said I want y'all to experience that and with a little luck and good play maybe we can finish it out, get a ring this year," said Jones.

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