Local veteran is a Star Wars "follower," ready for The Last Jedi

Local veteran is a Star Wars "follower," ready for The Last Jedi

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The force is re-awakening after two years since the last Star Wars episode came out. The Last Jedi will be playing in theaters Thursday night.

One local veteran has been following the series for a long time.

Cesar Medina doesn't call himself a fanatic but a Star Wars "follower" instead.

"Wherever they go, I'll go," said Medina. "It's what gives me joy. I've done everything in the military, done everything but it's like alright, it's time to be rewarded for things I couldn't have."

You wouldn't think that all his merchandise was spent with only $2,000. Medina buys his merch from garage sales or finds the best deals to add to his collection.

From pizza cutters, to chess, to putting his engineering skills to good use, even his collection goes as far as having something "Chewie" on the side like Campbell Soup and Star Wars cereal.

Medina has been ready to watch The Last Jedi. In fact, he bought his ticket five months in advance.

"I've read all the books and to a certain degree, it follows the books but they're twisting things around in the storyline," said Medina. "I want to find out who Rey's father is. It's gonna be interesting."

Even if you aren't a fan, he won't find your lack of Star Wars knowledge disturbing. Instead, he says to enjoy Episode 8, as any "Wookie" would.

"Take it for what it is, I know there will be a lot of negative and positive people," said Medina. "All it is is it's just a movie."

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