Solutions, ideas discussed on damage oilfield trucks do to West Texas roads

Solutions, ideas discussed on damage oilfield trucks do to West Texas roads
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MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The oil and gas industry leaves a lasting effect on the roads in West Texas.

"The oilfield traffic that we see here in the Permian Basin takes a toll on the quality of our pavement, on the county roads, on our state highways," said Representative Brooks Landgraf.

Tuesday in Midland, local leaders and road experts gathered to hear solutions.

"This meeting is important because it's a step towards fixing our roads here in West Texas," said Landgraf.

One of the solutions, more money from the state.

"We've got to make sure we're getting more road funding so that we can have higher quality roads so that we can have safer roads, instead of just seeing all that money going into big city freeway projects," said Landgraf

TxDot officials pointed out the usual suspects, Highway 18 in the Monahans/Kermit area. MOTRAN President James Beauchamp brought up the millions of miles trucks log each year.

Bringing everyone together was all about getting the conversation started.

"It's one thing for those of us who live out here in the Permian Basin, who have to drive on these roads everyday. We understand what a problem it is, but for people who live in other parts of the state, they don't necessarily see it every day. They don't understand the magnitude of the problem," said Landgraf.

Landgraf added if any funds or improvements were to happen, the state highways would be tackled first.

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