Don't recycle your trash

Don't recycle your trash
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MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Properly dumping your recyclables is important to keeping Midland green and clean. But there is a difference between trash and recyclable.

"There is a difference between trash and recycling. It seems simple enough. If you throw away a bag of burgers inside a recycling container, it can have containment parts inside that load and it depends on how much of that load is containment to how much credit we are going to get for recycling," said Morris Williams, Jr., with the City of Midland Sanitation Department.

When people dump items that are not recyclable, then they are just dumping their trash on the taxpayers dime.

"We are going to have to double handle, take it off the ground that is taking out resources, and it does nobody any good," said Williams.

Another good reminder is that if a dumpster is full, don't just put the items like cardboard or recyclable items on the ground, because all you are doing  is littering.

"Even when you are trying to do the right thing, a good gust of wind is going to take it all over the parking lot, out in the field and then it becomes litter," said Williams.

Also, keep in mind when throwing away items to properly dispose of things like: bank statements, tax returns and even names and address.

That is bait for identity thieves to ploy on.

"It opens you up to somebody knowing your address and who is living in the house," said Williams.

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