Cyber Bullying: Young students unable to get away from being bullied

Cyber Bullying: Young students unable to get away from being bullied
Being Cyber Bullied. (Source: KWES.)

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Being bullied is not a new subject, but how it is being done has changed traumatically the past 10 years, and a big part of that is social media.

"With the media presence, you can be bullied online and literally it can affect you. I have seen one student that will go from one school will go all the way to school in Odessa and everyone at that school knows too because it's all connected through social media," said Lewis Busbee, MA, LPC, with Lewis Busbee Family Therapy.

The National Center for Education and Bureau of Justice Statistics show that 28% Of U.S students in Middle grade have been bullied.

High school shows to be no different, 20% of U.S Students have been bullied.

But, now there is a change in society students can't just leave it at school, the problem follows them home and while they are sleeping.

"Click and share. If I was to be bullied back in the day, it might have been a few moments of bulling. Lasting many let's say 5 minutes. Now, it will last every day, night time when you are sleeping. You will get inbox messages or people commenting on posts. Its 24/7 instead of 5 minutes, " said Busbee.

If you feel that your child is being bullied at school, speak to a teacher or the principal.

There are also national outreach programs where students can seek help.

Cyber civil rights, click here

Stop Bullying, click here

You can also contact Lewis Busbee, MA, LPC, CART, at 3404 W Illinois Ave #201, Midland, TX 79703, or by phone at (432) 770-2432.

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