Experts recommend home owners start winterizing your home now

Experts recommend home owners start winterizing your home now
Keeping Pipes warm, so water doesn't freeze. (Source:KWES.)

(KWES) - Winter weather is officially here in the Permian Basin and it's time to start thinking about winterizing your home.

Carlos Aguirre, Owner of Midtown Plumbing Co., says he has some suggestions that home owners should consider.

"I always recommend my customers to know exactly where to shut off the water in case you do have a line that busts," said Aguirre.

Aguirre, also adds that it's important to know where the shut off is because sometimes a plumber cannot come to you right away, so it's good to know in case of an emergency.

"We recommend to our customers to always have a meter key, because it's a little hard to get down there on your hands and knees," said Aguirre.

It boils down to keeping the pipes warm, so the water inside doesn't freeze.

If you don't properly winterize your home, the cost of repair is triple the amount of the price it costs to buy preventive tools.

"Flooding causes a lot of damage. I mean you are looking from anywhere you are looking at $10,000, up to $50,000," said Aguirre.

If you would like more ideas on how you can winterize your home, visit the House Logic website, or click here.  

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