TxDot looks to stay one step ahead of winter weather

TxDot looks to stay one step ahead of winter weather

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - It's time to mount up.

"Hey it's winter right," said Gene Powell, Texas Department of Transportation Spokesperson.

Winter weather is ready to hit the area and TxDot is prepping the roads to make sure they're safe.

"Since Tuesday, we've actually been working around the clock with crews going 12 hour shifts," said Powell.

Those crews hitting the roads most often traveled on.

"Elevated structures like overpasses and bridges are going to be the first things to freeze. That's going to be what we treat mostly on our major roads," said Powell.

Not to get too scientific, crews will use salt water to keep the ice from bonding to the pavement; and something called Meltdown 20, to melt ice and snow.

"There will be times where we put down sand, maybe some salt down to provide traction in certain locations," said Powell.

Local TxDot crews have over 8,000 miles of road in 12 counties to cover.

"The best thing is to assume nothing has been treated and drive accordingly," said Powell.

Because forecasts show the next day or two could mean a headache for drivers.

"That 75 mile per hour speed limit is for optimal driving conditions and that's not what we have right now," said Powell.

And it's all about safety.

TxDot says to stay 100 feet behind their trucks if you see them placing materials on the road.

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