Trinity School students give back in the Midland Soup Kitchen

Trinity School students give back in the Midland Soup Kitchen

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As the Midland Soup Kitchen prepared for lunch Friday afternoon, students from Trinity School walked in with bags of toys. But it's where these toys are going is somewhere special.

"I know I have a lot of presents this year and I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. But for some kids, they don't get to experience it like I do," said student Mary Kate Wetendorf.

All the toys will be wrapped at a wrapping party at the Midland Soup Kitchen on Dec. 21 and will be given to less-fortunate children.

"We're giving presents to the kids who don't get presents. I'm happy to be here because a lot of kids are going to get presents that they don't get at all," said student Bek Nasuhogleu.

The kids also lent an extra hand to serve a warm meal to those eating at the soup kitchen.

"This brings joy to my heart, I can't express feelings right now," said Nancy Ivy with the Midland Soup Kitchen. "It's overwhelming for me, that these kids are enjoying to give back and wanting to give back and so excited to give back, it's just an awesome thrill. I have no words to explain the thank you that I have."

It's an act of kindness and a gesture to show that with many hands, it can warm many hearts.

"I mean 30 years, every time we need something, in need of anything, Midland is right there to jump in and help us," said Ivy. "We try to make it as memorable and as happy and spread the gospel and spread God's love."

The soup kitchen is in need of winter clothes, to donate, you can drop them off at their building at 1401 Orchard Ln. in Midland.

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