Need for crossing guards grows after holidays

Need for crossing guards grows after holidays

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A job that means a lot to parents, the district, and of course, the students.

"This time of year, cars, traffic is heavier being Christmas. We just need to make sure we have a crossing guard at each and every school," said Jennifer Reyes, Field Supervisor.

That's why supervisors Jennifer Reyes and Martha Holguin are looking for 10-15 crossing guards right now.

"We need it to keep the kids safe, the parents safe as they're picking their kids up. They're crossing the street," said Reyes.

Some of the guards have left because of another job or the change in weather.

"There's people that think it's a harder job but it's so easy," said Martha Holguin, Area Supervisor.

Easy to do and easy to start.

"We can teach you in like 10 minutes to be a crossing guard," said Reyes.

Guards sometimes turn into friends, not just for students.

"Kids are getting crossed by someone they can talk to and laugh with," said Reyes.

But for everyone.

"It feels good to see a crossing guard, just to know that they're trained to make sure the kids get across the street," said Reyes.

Now, the hope is to get as many they can for the district, parents, and of course, the students.

If you want to become a crossing guard, you can call Martha Holguin at (432) 269-7962.

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