Alldredge Gardens has plenty of Christmas trees during national shortage

Alldredge Gardens has plenty of Christmas trees during national shortage

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Christmas trees give a festive spirit to the holiday season and the National Christmas Tree Association said the U.S. is dealing with a tree shortage.

Texas is a state that doesn't grow too many Christmas trees compared to other states up north like North Carolina and Oregon. Those states are home to the largest producing Christmas tree farms, where they give the homes of many families that special holiday glow.

But at the Alldredge Gardens in Midland, there's still a lot of green, and there's plenty already purchased that are ready to go home.

All their trees come in buckets where they can easily be replanted, but they don't come from up north. In fact, all of their trees are shipped in from New Mexico, a state where production is in full supply.

"Usually we got plenty of them right up to Christmas time," said Bill Busbee with Alldredge Gardens. "Sometimes we get people will buy 20-30 at a time and we have to order more."

The Alldredge Gardens gets close to about 140 trees in shipments in November. But although plenty of their living trees have been selling, many customers are also spending their money where decorating is easier, on artificial trees.

"I think it's the convenience of making that one time purchase that first year and then you can keep it for multiple years based on the quality," said Alldredge Gardens Retail Manager, Trevor Johnson.

So if you're still on the hunt for a Christmas tree, it doesn't look like there'll be a shortage in this neck of the woods. Depending on your preference, whether it's real tree or not, each still have that spark to bring home that holiday spirit.

"We will run out eventually, if not this year before Christmas, it's the first part of next year," said Busbee.

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