Fracking companies willing to donate roads to TxDOT for safety

Fracking companies willing to donate roads to TxDOT for safety

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - Roads often traveled.

"A lot of us in Odessa/Midland area work in the oil fields and so they're traveling to the Loving County, Reeves County region a lot, using a lot of these roads," said Gene Powell, TxDOT.

Pretty soon they hope to be roads that are more safe.

"To be able to get those trucks slowing down out of the main lanes, speeding up before they merge in the main lanes, give them the self-refuge to turn in the main lanes, all those things are very important," said Powell.

That because TxDOT and a handful of fracking companies stretching from Highway 18 in Winkler County  to Highway 1053 in Crane got together for donation agreements.

"The general idea is that they will build acceleration lanes and deceleration lanes as well as a turn bay into their facility. It gets slowing and accelerating traffic out of the main traffic and it also provides a safe harbor for traffic paths into their facility," said Powell.

The companies would pay for the construction themselves then donate the road near their property to TxDOT.

"The donation agreements are enabling us to move much, much quickly than we would otherwise," said Powell.

Three companies are signed up, TxDOT is hoping for 7 more. It's another effort to make the roads most often traveled, more safe.

TxDOT hopes construction on the projects starts next year.

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