Rebels prepare for first regional playoff game in 16 years

Rebels prepare for first regional playoff game in 16 years

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland Lee Rebels are heading to the third round of the playoffs. A milestone that hasn't been met since 2001 and only accomplished by 15 teams in school history. Though this group of Rebels have already made their marks in the record books, their work for this year is not done.

On Saturday, Midland Lee will be making the trip to Abilene to take on Euless Trinity, a team that is on a 9-game winning streak.

"I told you a long time ago you show me a game we can't win we're not playing. Our plan is to our go is to go down there and be playing again next week that's our plan," said Coach Clint Hartman.

If the plan is executed the 2017 Rebs will become 1 of 4 Midland Lee teams to ever make it to the fourth round of the playoffs. The last team to go that deep were the Rebels of 2000, who were apart of the 3-peat state championship years.

As the sole survivors of the big Basin schools this season, they hope to well represent the area but are focused on tapping into the legacy of Lee.

"The number 1 thing we wanna represent is Midland Lee High School. When we came here a year ago, we told you believed there was a great tradition here and so we told our kids somebody is gonna get this team back to the standards we believe them to be and this groups doing it", Coach Hartman said.

For the seniors, the strides they've made during their last lap as Rebels have been extremely special.

"It's been amazing, I love football, I love playing. It's a fun ride," said Cougar Rodriguez, a Midland Lee Senior.

"It's just special because we've been wanting this so bad like growing up we haven't had it in awhile, so we definitely wanna be the group to bring back that tradition," said Grant Brown, a Midland Lee Senior.

But what makes them most proud to be from Midland Lee, goes far beyond any title they could win.

"Probably just the family the family that we all create you know these are brothers for a lifetime," said Cougar Rodriguez, a Midland Lee Senior.

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