Midland Christian's 2017 season in review

Midland Christian's 2017 season in review

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The beginning of the Midland Christian Mustang's 2017 season can be described with one word, revenge.

The Mustangs found a 3-0 start, after playing the same 3 teams they had lost to the previous year, but Fort Worth All Saints, now ranked number one in the state, spoiled their undefeated stretch.

"We need to get back on a winning track and finishing and playing at a high level," said Coach McClendon after the All Saints loss.

The Mustangs did just that, stringing together a few more wins and ending with a district record of 3-1. That one loss came right before the postseason, but McClendon said they wouldn't be backing down.

"When you're a winner you don't duck your head and give up, you fight, scratch and claw. I believe with all my heart that I'm a winner and I believe that this program and these kids are winners. We're never going down, man, we'll go down when it's over and then we'll get ready to come back," said McClendon.

They beat Tyler Grace 48-22 in the first round, with quarterback Silas Crews, who is really a running back and a cornerback.

Their QB-1 Peyton Powell returned from an injury on Saturday, but Fort Worth Christian stomped on his return ending the Mustangs season.

"You know we had a great run, we asked a whole lot early because we had such a tough level to start. With injuries and all the excuses that are out there we couldn't get back to that level again. We lost to a good team. We wish them good luck and we'll go back to work," said McClendon.

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